Ten thousand dollars 

Wednesday’s morning meeting, when we were doing our sharing, Zhao Laoshi asked, “Think about it for a little bit and tell me, what are you gonna do if you get ten thousand dollars?”

Try to imagine those ten-year-old’s answer! Video games, nice experience clothes, Tutor fee for gymnastics, trip to California, trip to China and Japan, etc.

I was not surprised by all those answers. What surprised me is that 80 percent of the kids said that they would donate about half to charity to help the homeless people and animals.

I do believe that they are going to do this if they get the money. And I’m really touched by this. I see their nice hearts under their “little teenage rebellion”, I see their instinctual kindness under their sometimes misbehaving.

Somehow, it give me even more confidence to do a better job as their TA.



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