Halloween is here!

This week seems to be the week that I find the kids are most excited since the school began. Of course, because of the Halloween!

We’ve been thinking for a while about what to do in school on Halloween Friday. walking around and show their costumes? Seems to be to little to the ten-year-olds. Having a big party? Too bad, they have even a math test that day~

Eventually, we decided to let them have a small movie party–only after lunch, in the afternoon–only if they are good in the whole morning! We promised them the costume show, trick or treat in class and movie time, and even face painting!

Guess what! They are just so good in the morning. They had their math test done, they reviewed their Chinese vocabulary and they didn’t even get disorder when the lower grade kid come to our classroom to show their costume!

Perfect! They had their work done in the morning and they had their holiday fun in the afternoon. I guess this it how you use your video game principles in teaching–You get bonus when you are doing a good job, and you can see the benefit, just ahead of you!




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