The “p” word

Is this a little bit awkward? Haha, yep, the students in my class are learning about PUBERTY! This a a period of time that everyone will face on their way growing up. But it seems like that the majority of people are not ready when they are on the edge of going over there. That might be why a boy asked teachers to use the”P” word instead of ” puberty”~ LOL

This week, they learned about the changes that will happen to them during adolescence. They’re also told what actions to take when it happens.

After the video teaching, they asked a lot of questions. I can tell that they are curious, but they are also shy. They’re looking forward while they are somehow scared.

Since it is awkward, can we skip teaching this? The answer is absolutely NO! Getting to know those things can reduce their panic when the really face it. And it’s also better for their communication and understanding between each other.

In China, the proper school education about puberty is still kind of lack. We really need to make this up, soon!



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