Who’s a risk-taker?

Maybe I should talk about politics here, but as a racial minority, a Chinese, a non-citizen here, I did hear a lot negative things happening to my compatriots after the election.

I have a friend whose teenage daughter is in Woodbury High School, where there are a lot of international students. This use to be the peculiarity that makes the school so different among high schools. But he told me that right after the election day, some of the students just told their “pre-schoolmates” that “I think you may will be deported!” Isn’t this hurting?

While in the same week, When we are teaching our IB schools’ attributes in our class, something warm just happened, easing the underlying anxiety in my heart.

The attribute of the week is Risk-takers. Our goal is to let the students know that being Risk-takers opens more possibilities in your life. When we are trying to ask them to give some examples about being risk takers, one of the students said,” I think all our teachers are risk takers. They leave their own home country and come overseas, facing all the uncertainty, just to become our teachers and provide us a better opportunity to learn another language.”

I was really touched by this answer, knowing that you as a foreigner or non-American, your work is recognized and they appreciate your courage instead of thinking you may need to be deported. BIG Thanks to those people for being so open-minded!



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