What if I fail?

Thursday morning, we got a really sad girl in our class. Cause she didn’t pass her reading level test. She didn’t even attend the math class cause she was sobbing so hard.

She told me that she had been in Green reading level for almost a year, she put a lot of efforts in but just can not move on to the White level.

I then told her what happened the first time I took my drivers’ license test. I feel pretty ready before I had my test, cause just as the way she thought, I assumed that I had put enough time and efforts in practicing driving. But guess what? I actually didn’t pass. My movement is not fast enough so I may block the normal traffic.

I told her that the examiners are more experienced than me in driving. If they think that I’m not ready, then maybe I do need to practice more. This is a way to protect me and also others to be safe. The same for you, if you just move to the next level in spite that the professional persons saying you’re not ready, you may will struggle with the vocabulary and you’ll not feel the joy of reading.

Sometimes, we didn’t actually put enough work in to get what we want. What’s even more cruel is that sometimes, you may still fail even if you really worked hard. The world maybe is  actually protecting us in this special way. The aim of education, the meaning of growing up is not only about achieving more. And how to face F properly is a part of it to!



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