The science Fair

After learning about “scientific methods” for a week, all the fifth grade students had a science fair on Tuesday.

“Scientific method” is the way that helps you to think like logically and meticulously, like a scientist. First, you come up with a question, and then, you make a hypothesis about your question. Of course then, you’ll need to think a plan to prove your assumption. After those, you can conduct your experiments. It’s necessary to have more than one experiment to get the conclusion. You’d better have only one variate each time so you can know the factor that made the differences. And from the results of the experiments, you may be able to verify your hypothesis and get a final conclusion.

When it comes to science, we usually will think about computer science, energy science,etc. Something modern, something huge. But actually, not only those things are science, it can be just something near around us.

Some of the kids use the above method steps to see where in the school has the most germs,or what pop can do to your teeth, some even tried to figure out whether their doggy is left handed or right handed.

Science can be something make huge differences, but it also can be something small but good. In short, all things that can make you life easier and better, that’s SCIENCE! We may not become the kind of scientist that make magnificant differences to all human kind. But thinking like a scientist sure will help to make your own life better in many small aspects.



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