The end of the year is approaching, which also means it’s the holiday season now. holidays to say bye to the old year and wave to a new start.

the school start to get Christmasy with all the different decorations. At the mean time, the preparation for Chinese new year performance are undergoing. It seems like that when you talk about Chinese style, there are some stereotype impressions that you can’t avoid. Bright red and golden colors, embroider, Chinese traditional dress, Chinese dragons, etc.

Are those Chinese? Yes, those are the most iconic symbols of China. However, are those enough? I don’t think so, they solely can not just stand for the LIVING China!

Coincidently, I saw some well-known brands designed some limit edition items just for Chinese new year. I have to say, they used almost all the recognized Chinese factors in their products, but according to the feedback from the most Chinese people, it’s not what we are expecting!

I also remembered that in a lot of non-immersion Chinese classroom, the teachers put in a lot of efforts to make Chinese class fun by introducing Chinese culture. So they teach a lot about making Chinese crosses, cutting Chinese paper cutting. But to be fair, how many of you still see a whole lot of people doing this in China themselves?

As Chinese teachers, our mind is so locked by the so called”Chinese image” that we forget to show people the REAL LIVING China, where is also high speed, international look and exploring something new while inheriting the tradition.

Also keep in mind, you’re the living China!



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