Halloween is here!

This week seems to be the week that I find the kids are most excited since the school began. Of course, because of the Halloween!

We’ve been thinking for a while about what to do in school on Halloween Friday. walking around and show their costumes? Seems to be to little to the ten-year-olds. Having a big party? Too bad, they have even a math test that day~

Eventually, we decided to let them have a small movie party–only after lunch, in the afternoon–only if they are good in the whole morning! We promised them the costume show, trick or treat in class and movie time, and even face painting!

Guess what! They are just so good in the morning. They had their math test done, they reviewed their Chinese vocabulary and they didn’t even get disorder when the lower grade kid come to our classroom to show their costume!

Perfect! They had their work done in the morning and they had their holiday fun in the afternoon. I guess this it how you use your video game principles in teaching–You get bonus when you are doing a good job, and you can see the benefit, just ahead of you!



Jokes about learning Chinese

Student : Wu Laoshi, can you help me to think a word with the character “汉”?

Me: What you are writing now, are those “汉字”?(sound hanzi,meaning Chinese Characters)

Student: Okay! (write“汉子”<sound hanzi, meaning young man in rural spoken language>). (innocently staring at me) Is that right?

What should I say~ LOL

Field trip

Earlier this month, we were learning about biomes in science class. So we decided to go for a field trip to Wild Water State Park this Thursday.

There, We were told that there are four Biomes altogether while Wild Water is the only park owns three of them at the same time.

It was already a little bit cold but the Minnesota fall color is really beautiful.

We helped to collect four kinds of different grass seeds. And had a nice walk in the pine forest and the grassland where the snakes are hatching. We even found some deer bones and ground cherries.

To explore the nature by themselves is always fun for them and it’s a good way to learn from nature!

Ten thousand dollars 

Wednesday’s morning meeting, when we were doing our sharing, Zhao Laoshi asked, “Think about it for a little bit and tell me, what are you gonna do if you get ten thousand dollars?”

Try to imagine those ten-year-old’s answer! Video games, nice experience clothes, Tutor fee for gymnastics, trip to California, trip to China and Japan, etc.

I was not surprised by all those answers. What surprised me is that 80 percent of the kids said that they would donate about half to charity to help the homeless people and animals.

I do believe that they are going to do this if they get the money. And I’m really touched by this. I see their nice hearts under their “little teenage rebellion”, I see their instinctual kindness under their sometimes misbehaving.

Somehow, it give me even more confidence to do a better job as their TA.